Situations in Which to Get Septic Tank Service in Cedar Rapids, IA

by | May 4, 2016 | Septic Tank

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The septic tank is the home’s waste management system. After all of the waste is flushed down the toilet or directed down the drain, it winds up in the tank. After the arrival, the solid waste is broken down by organisms in the tank. However, this process is very slow. Over time, the waste can build up in the tank and create issues inside and outside of the home. These are a few situations in which to call in service.

If the plumbing systems are experiencing heavy usage from additional family members, it is time to call for a Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA. This cleaning is necessary to make sure that the tank is not reaching the point of overflowing. If the tank hasn’t been cleaned recently, the level can already be high from regular usage.

Smells emitting from the drains in the household are an item of concern. This can indicate that the septic tank is already at maximum capacity. All of the liquid is forcing the gas back up into the piping. These smells are not easily gotten rid of because they will continue to flow through the piping. It can also indicate that a major backup may happen in the near future.

Slow drainage throughout the home is another indication to call for a Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA. Slow drainage means that the tank is nearing its capacity. The water is filling all of the air space in the tank. The drainage will continue to slow down as the air space gets smaller and smaller. At some point, the water will no longer drain properly. When this happens, the pressure in the tank may force all the waste backwards through the piping and into the sinks. It could also cause the septic tank to develop leaks which wind up with sewer in the yard.

The septic tank will fill over time and with heavy usage. Regular maintenance is required to prevent problems with this system. Check out if your septic system needs to be serviced. Servicing needs to be done before major problems can occur and you are stuck with a hefty bill to restore management of waste.

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