Septic Pump Repairs In Titusville Will Help To Provide Efficient Waste Removal

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Septic Tank

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Sewage pumps work very similar to sump pumps, except they can pump both water and solids from basement showers, toilets, and sinks below the ground level. Sewage pumps are necessary below the ground to push the waste to the septic system or a municipal sewer line.

After extensive use or failure to use the pump very much, a variety of problems can develop and Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville will need to be completed by an experienced technician. The lack of use can cause sludge to build up in the pump can cause it to malfunction, and extensive use can wear it out.

Extending The Life Of A Septic Pump

A septic pump is made to last a long time if it’s installed by an experienced plumber. Replacing these pumps can be a very messy job and regular maintenance by an experienced plumber or septic system company will insure it’s installed properly. Owning a home is a large investment and raw sewage in a home can cause serious health conditions in a home and could cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Do All Homes Have A Sewage Pump?

Not all homes have a sewage pump. The only place these types of pumps are installed is where the sewage cannot travel fast enough to reach the septic or municipal systems. Elevated septic tanks outside or a basement bathroom are usually the homes these types of pumps will be found in.

Are There Different Sizes?

There are several different models and sizes of sewage pumps. The pump must move the waste at least two feet per second. The best type of septic pump is one that has a grinder to reduce the chance of clogs in the systems. It’s important to watch what is flushed in the toilets to eliminate as many clogs as possible

If you need Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville, you will notice a foul smell, flooding in the tub, shower or toilet when they’re in use and improper cycling of the system. Septic problems can be annoying and they’re definitely a health hazard when the sewage is backing up into a home. For more information about septic pump repair, please visit

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