Things to Consider With Radiant Floor Heating Repair

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Radiant heating can be a great way to help heat a home, as no heat is lost travelling through ducts, and it also doesn’t spread allergens around the house. However, these systems may break down from time to time and need to be repaired. There are a few components that may be more likely to be involved in any Radiant Floor Heating Repair. The type of system will determine how easy it is to make any necessary repairs.


While it may seem like the floor is most likely to be the problem, in many cases, it’s actually the thermostat that is causing any issues. Replacing a broken thermostat is one of the easier and less costly types of Radiant Floor Heating Repair. A broken thermostat may be the cause of the room always being too hot or too cold. Having no voltage at the zone valve or the splice box could indicate a thermostat problem, but if there’s no voltage at the thermostat, it could be an issue with either the fuse or the breaker. This is even easier to fix.

Zone Valve

Another common issue with radiant floor heating is the zone valve. This can become defective and cause the room to be too cool. This part is relatively easy to get replaced, although it’s a good idea to have it done by a professional due to the potential need to use a torch during the process. These zone valves control when heat goes to each section or zone of the home.

Heating Mats and Cables

The other source of the problem could be the heating mats and cables, which, depending on the type of radiant floor heating installed, could be quite expensive and time-consuming to replace. It could involve actually removing some of the flooring, which would then need to be replaced as well as any affected cables or mats. This is what must be done when the heating mats are located in between the subfloor and the finished flooring. It’s easier to fix this type of issue when the cables or mats are located under the rough flooring. These mats and cables are what actually provide the heat.

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