Info About Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Plumbing

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Frozen pipes can be a real disaster for the homeowner. When it’s time for Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC, there are several things that a repair provider will do to resolve the problem. The biggest concern is often the risk of leaking. When pipes are frozen, they have to expanding frozen water within them. As the water expands it has nowhere to go but outwards, and this often causes cracking in the tubes. This also impacts water supply, often cutting water off completely or slowing it down to a tiny trickle.

After the pipes finally thaw out, there are usually some serious problems left behind, and leaks are one of the biggest of these. To prevent these issues, it is best to keep any pipes that deliver water away from exterior walls if at all possible. This lowers the chance of freezing significantly. It is also important to make sure that water delivering pipes have plenty of good insulation. The best pipe insulation is usually either rubber or fiberglass. A professional pipe repair technician can make sure that the insulation is custom fitted for the pipes.

Prior to the start of the winter season, it is best to shut off the interior valve that supplies water to the faucets outdoors. Have the lines drained so that no water lingers within those pipes, as well? With the faucet closed and no water lingering inside, freezing of the exterior spigots can’t occur. However, if the pipes are already frozen, there are several resolutions.

The pipe repair technician has techniques to warm frozen pipes so that they can be safely worked on. Sometimes the extent of the damage is not known until the pipe is thawed out. In many cases, a burst pipe can be avoided if the homeowner simply avoids forcing the issue when the pipes are frozen. Leave this type of repair to the professionals for the best results. If you need Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC, call Preferred Home Services. They have an experienced team who knows how to handle all types of pipe repair issues and they offer fast appointments. Visit our Google+ page for more information.

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