Reasons to Consider Residential Grease Trap Installation in La Vergne TN

Grease traps are commonly found in restaurants, bars, hotels, and other commercial kitchens. Most municipalities require grease traps to be installed and maintained in these professional environments. However, residential grease traps are less common. There are reasons to consider Grease Trap Installation in La Vergne TN for your home.

Prevent Clogs

Grease doesn’t easily rinse down the drain. Instead, it collects inside the pipes. Many drain clogs are actually caused by grease buildup. Installing a grease trap is one way to prevent this from happening.

When oil goes down the drain, it is collected in the grease trap. Other solids and debris are also redirected to the trap. Instead of calling out a plumber to unclog your drains, you’ll only need to empty the grease trap on a regular basis. This will help the plumbing pipes in your home flow with ease and last longer.

Save Money

Calling out a plumber is expensive, especially if the problem could have been avoided in the first place. The price of Grease Trap Installation in La Vergne TN is much less than the cost of replacing or unclogging pipes that have been damaged by grease. The initial installation cost will more than pay for itself over time.

Protect the Environment

Grease is not good for the environment. Sewer flooding is commonly caused by a grease buildup. Oil and sludge may also pose a risk to wildlife. Keeping water clean begins at home. A grease trap is the best way to prevent sludge from forming in the sewers.

Water that goes down your drain eventually ends up at a water treatment facility. If you’re pouring grease down the drain, it makes the treatment process more difficult. Grease doesn’t break down, and it can damage the purification equipment. Grease is the number one reason why machinery malfunctions at water treatment centers.

A local plumber can help you properly manage and maintain the grease trap. They can even show you how to properly empty it. Local plumbers also provide other helpful services, including leak repair, sump pump maintenance, septic cleaning, and Backhoe Services. If you cook with oil at home, a grease trap is a wise investment.