5 Things to Look For in Kitchen Plumbing Services in Bellingham WA

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Plumbing

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If a homeowner has ever heard a horror story about an inexperienced plumber, they know how vital it is to hire a reputable contractor. When customers want their home’s plumbing system in good hands, they should consider the five tips below before hiring a local plumber such as Bellingham WA Plumbing.

Adequate Licensing

When hiring a plumber, one of the first questions from the client should concern the company’s licensing, certification and insurance. If the area does not require a plumber to have a license, the customer can still check the company’s complaint record with the Better Business Bureau.

Local Business Experience

While there are exceptions to every rule and every company has to start somewhere, homeowners should think twice before hiring a new plumbing company. The more on-the-job experience a plumbing contractor has, the greater the chance that Kitchen Plumbing Services in Bellingham WA will be done correctly the first time.


While pricing is not the only factor a client should consider, it is an important part of the equation. Before hiring a local plumber, a customer should get quotes from at least three companies. Customers should not hire a plumber simply because they offer the lowest price on a particular job, but they should ensure that the company’s prices are competitive and fair before making a hiring decision.

Good References

It is a good idea to ask the plumber for references from satisfied customers. A reputable local plumbing company should have enough of a history to provide good references, and customers should not be afraid to ask. If the company is unwilling or unable to offer references, the customer should go elsewhere.

Warranty Coverage

The highest quality plumbers usually offer guarantees on parts and labor. Before hiring a plumber in the area, a homeowner should ask about the company’s warranty coverage. Customers should look for an established company, because they are more likely to stand behind their work and their products.

Plumbing problems never arise at a convenient time, and they can often leave homeowners scrambling for a solution. It’s not a good idea to wait until disaster strikes, and it’s dangerous to hire a plumber out of desperation. By considering the factors listed above, customers can get safe, quality and effective Kitchen Plumbing Services in Bellingham WA.

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