4 Signs You Need a Professional to Look at Your Dishwasher

by | May 9, 2018 | Plumbing

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Dishwashers are a necessity in nearly every kitchen, meaning that you want to be able to spot a problem before your dishwasher breaks down. The following are four signs you need dishwasher repair services in Roswell, Georgia.

1. The Door Doesn’t Latch

You can notice this problem right away. If the door isn’t latching, the water won’t run. Even if the door looks closed, it still might not adequately catch on the inside. This could be a busted latch or it could be something more severe, such as warping due to leakage. To diagnose the problem, it’s wise to schedule dishwasher repair services in Roswell, Georgia.

2. There’s Too Much Noise

This one can be tricky to spot. Sometimes, your kids may have helped load the dishwasher and just put things in the wrong place. You can try to run your dishwasher empty, but if you don’t want to waste water and energy, load it lightly and listen for any odd sounds. Some noises that are unmistakable include screeching or grinding.

3. An Inspection Reveals Rust

You won’t normally see rust in the dishwasher itself, but every few months you should swipe a rag or broom under your dishwasher to check for rust. Dark, reddish flakes mean that water is getting into places it shouldn’t and pooling there long enough to cause rust. You should have this inspected during your regular dishwasher repair services in Roswell, Georgia.

4. Dishes Don’t Come Out Hot

Your dishwasher does more than remove stuck-on food; it sanitizes your dishes so they are safe for reuse. If your dishes do not reach the proper temperature–170 degrees Fahrenheit according to the FDA–then there could be harmful bacteria still lurking in your coffee cup or serving dish.

Watch for these signs if you want your dishwasher to last a long time. Catching problems before they get worse means lower repair bills and less of a chance you’ll need an outright replacement. Click here for more information.

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