4 Pluming Issues That Warrant A Call To An Emergency Plumber In Texas City TX

by | May 4, 2018 | Plumbing

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There are some plumbing issues where the homeowner can wait until the plumber has an opening such as a leaky faucet or a running toilet. There are, however, other plumbing issues that would require an Emergency Plumber in Texas City TX.

Frozen Pipes

When the temperature is very cold outside, the pipes in a person’s home are at risk of freezing. Since ice expands more than water, if the problem goes untreated, the pipes can burst. This can result in a very expensive and damaging flood. If the homeowner turns on the faucet and nothing comes out, there is a good chance that the pipes have frozen. The sooner the homeowner calls an emergency plumber, the better.

Water Heater Issues

If a homeowner turns on the hot water, but it comes out cold, they should contact an emergency plumber. The longer the problem persists, the longer the homeowner will need to go without hot water. If the homeowner turns on the hot water and it comes out rusty, it can be dangerous for bathing and drinking. Therefore, they should contact a plumber immediately. Finally, if the homeowner discovers water or moisture around the water heater, they should contact an emergency plumber immediately. If there is any leak in the tank or if a hose has broken, it can result in a damaging flood.

An Overflowing Toilet

If a homeowner’s toilet starts overflowing, it can be a very damaging and unsanitary problem. Before the toilet has a chance to flood the bathroom, the homeowner should turn off the water to the toilet. The sooner the homeowner hires an emergency plumber, the sooner they will be able to use their toilet.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can make doing simple tasks in the home impossible. Many homeowners will try a liquid drain cleaner to remove the clog. If the water doesn’t go down, the drain cleaner won’t go down either. Also, liquid drain cleaners can be damaging to the pipes. The best way for the homeowner to safely and efficiently remove the clog is to hire an emergency plumber.

If a homeowner has an emergency plumbing situation, they shouldn’t hesitate to call an Emergency Plumber in Texas City TX. For more information, contact Quality Plumbing BOI. Like us on Facebook.

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