Why Your Restaurant Business Needs a 3 Compartment Sink

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If you want to run a restaurant or want to start one, one of the things you’ll definitely need is a three compartment sink. These sinks aren’t designed for simple hand washing stations. Rather, they’re specifically built to provide restaurants with the kind of washing equipment they need to clean and sanitize their equipment.

How to Use 3 Compartment Sinks
The Food Handler says you can easily use this sink to wash, rinse and sanitize your pots and pans along with any glassware or cutlery that needs to be cleaned.

  1. Fill the first sink with hot water. Then add the detergent. Make sure the water gets to at least 110 degrees F. This will ensure the detergent will work just fine. It’ll also help loosen up any dried particles so you’ll have an easier time getting those plates and pots clean. Remember to scrape any pots and pans you need to presoak before you put them all into the first sink.
  2. Fill the second sink with war water again. Treat this as your rinsing compartment. If you’ve got particles on a plate, this is where you get them all off. There shouldn’t any trace of the detergent as well.
  3. Fill the third sink with sanitizing hot water, at a piping 171 degrees F. Dunk everything for about 30 seconds.
  4. Put everything on a clean drain board to dry.

Portable Sink
If you’re planning to start a mobile business, then a portable 3 compartment sink might just be the perfect addition to your equipment list. With a portable sink for helping you wash your utensils and equipment as well as help you with the food preparations, you can get so much done in less time. For restaurants, a portable sink of this design is also handy. Tight space? You can basically put your three compartment sink anywhere since it’s portable. That makes it easy for you to maneuver space in your kitchen if there isn’t enough room at the moment, with too many people coming and going through the door. Or you could move the sink to another spot easily enough. With a portable sink, you’ve got the freedom to make adjustments to the flow of space in your kitchen without having to spend on heavy remodels or major renovations.

So if you’re thinking about getting a three compartment sink for your mobile business or corner restaurant, think about getting a portable one.

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