Why You Should Call a Corvallis Plumber to Make Your Bathtub Drain Faster

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Plumbing Services

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Your bathtub drain could be slow for a lot of reasons. You could fix it by yourself, or you could call the experts in drain repair in Corvallis, OR. You might be dealing with a slow bathtub drain for one or all of these reasons:

  • A buildup of hair, soap, or oil
  • Not cleaning your bathtub drain regularly

Don’t go reaching for your garden-variety drain cleaner yet. You have better alternatives for drain repair in Corvallis, OR.

Drain Stoppers

You can use one of many different types of drain stoppers to block the flow of water in your tub. Pull it out before you start to take out debris. Use these methods to remove your current stopper.

  • Drop Stopper – The knob on the top of these stoppers allows you to open and close the drain. Once you take off the cap, take off the screw. This will give you access to the drain and its debris.
  • Levered Stopper – These types of stoppers can often be seen in older homes on the West Coast. This stopper has an overflow plate with a lever on top. When you have this type of stopper, use hot water to flush out the drainpipe.
  • Push Stopper – This is one of the most difficult stoppers to remove. To remove it, unscrew the stopper while holding onto the base. Once it’s open, remove any debris you might see.

Additional Steps

To completely clear the drain, you might have to take additional steps. These steps can include the following methods:

  • Using a bent wire to clear the drain
  • Using a plunger to unclog the drain
  • Snaking a tub to clear the drain

If none of these drain cleaning methods work, call your plumber. If you continue to tinker around with a clogged drain, you can cause more problems that may become more expensive to fix.

If you have a slow bathtub drain, contact Linn-Benton Plumbing LLC.

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