Why Isn’t My San Mateo CA Dishwasher Draining? Here Are 3 of the Main Reasons Why

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If the dishwasher stops working, it’s not a cause for panic, as most issues are due to drainage problems. While it’s frustrating, they’re not impossible to deal with. Here you’ll learn the most common reasons dishwashers get clogged up and how you can get rid of the clogs quickly.

Clogged Hoses

The dishwasher’s drain hose connects to the garbage disposal or sink and it’s usually found close to the filter basket. Over time, residue will build up in the drain hose, turning into a clumpy mess. Clogged hoses not only affect your dishwasher’s performance, but that of connected appliances. If you can’t clear the clog yourself, call a plumber in Pacifica, CA.

Clogged Filters

The lower filters in the dishwasher are one of the first places to look if there’s a clog. There are two near the sump: a small mesh filter and a larger basket filter. Almost all the water in the dishwasher moves through these two filters; they collect most of the gunk that’s washed off of your dishes. Avoid clogs by occasionally cleaning the filters by hand in soapy water. Once they’re clean, everything should drain smoothly.

Problems With Your Plumbing

Sometimes, dishwashers don’t drain because of problems elsewhere in your home’s plumbing. If your pipes are clogged, there may be backups throughout the home. If there are issues in places other than the dishwasher, consider calling a plumber in Pacifica, CA.

Fixing the Clog the Professional Way

Though we’ve given you some basic tips on removing dishwasher clogs, they won’t always work. If DIY methods aren’t successful and the clog is too severe, get advice from a plumbing professional. Visit us at https://worksplumbing.com or call Works Plumbing & Rooter Inc. to schedule service. We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to get your dishwasher draining once again!