Various Types of Heating Installation in Bellingham WA Can Be Provided by Area Contractors

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Plumbing

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In the relatively mild climate of the Bellingham area, residents have a wide variety of heating options that are sensible at these temperatures. A contractor who provides Heating Installation in Bellingham WA may offer most of these choices, although wood and pellet stoves usually are installed by companies selling this equipment.

Forced-Air Furnaces

Most people have traditionally chosen forced air furnaces running on natural gas in the municipality and propane in rural areas. They then have the option of having a central air system combined with the heat system to blow warm or cool air through vents in the house. But many people don’t bother with central air here because summers tend to be cool.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is another option for Heating Installation in Bellingham WA, since this kind of system works well down to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can be combined with a central air unit if the customers want to be sure they can stay cool on the odd hot day that occasionally occurs.

Under-Floor Radiant Heat

Many people prefer radiant heat, which can be provided in a few different ways. Workers with a company such as LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating can install pipes or tubes under flooring. Water is heated by gas-fueled boiler or a heat pump, and then runs through the devices under the floors. Since heat rises, this keeps the rooms warm without any air being blown through vents. See for details on this contractor.


Radiant heat also can come from horizontal radiators along baseboards after the water is heated in a boiler. This isn’t quite as effective because the radiators aren’t situated throughout the room, but it is still a quiet heat source that does not blow dust and allergens around. Much older houses sometimes have old-fashioned vertical radiators, but these have gone out of fashion partly because they get hot to the touch and might injure a child or pet.

Radiant heating systems are standard in much of Europe, and visitors to the United States who spend time in residential homes commonly are bewildered as to why people choose forced-air systems. The main reason is that those systems are generally less expensive to have installed.

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