Two Important Reasons Why Homeowners Should Contact A Professional For A Clogged Drain

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Plumbing

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Small clogs that build up in the kitchen and bathroom sinks can often be sent down the drain pipes by using a plunger. For large obstructions, homeowners often try various other methods to clear the clog, but some of these approaches can do more damage than good. Other times, a clogged drain means that there are additional problems that need to be addressed. Below, you’ll learn why homeowners should contact a professional plumber when they learn they have a Clogged Drain in the house.

To Prevent Damage To Water Pipes

When homeowners discover that a drain is clogged, they often pour toxic chemicals down the sink to get rid of the clog. These chemicals not only give off dangerous fumes, but they can also damage certain types of drain pipes. Some clogs are extremely tough to clear and, since chemicals can’t penetrate difficult clogs, homeowners are pouring these substances down their drains for nothing. When plumbers clear out a clog, these professionals use only the best methods and the most effective equipment to get the drains running efficiently again.

To Examine The Water Pipes

After clearing a clog in the drain, a professional plumber will examine the water pipes and inspect the other drains inside the home. If other drains inside the house are slow to drain, there may be a bigger problem, such as an obstruction in the sewer line or a septic tank that’s too full. Many times, a clogged drain is the first warning that something in the septic system is amiss. A professional can make sure that the rest of the system is performing as it should so the homeowner won’t have additional problems. To make sure that a clog in the drain pipe isn’t the beginning of something worse, homeowners should contact a professional when they have a Clogged Drain.

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