Two General Plumbing Repairs that Save Money

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Plumbing

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Eventually, everything breaks down, including the plumbing system in your home. While regular maintenance can prevent many problems such as leaky pipes or condensation buildup, problems can still happen despite your best efforts. Here are some general repairs which plumbers are often called on to make.


Leaky pipes or faucets can cause your water bills to rise if the leaks go unnoticed for a while. A slowly leaking pipe can increase the amount you pay for water, but you may not notice the increase for several months. However, a leaky faucet is noticeable right away and you can have a plumbing business make general plumbing repairs and replace the rubber seal to stop the faucet from leaking.

Running Toilets

Problems with the inner workings of a toilet tank can cause leaks and prevent the tank from getting full, so that the water never shuts off. If you notice that the water turns on intermittently in the toilet tank, you could have a leaking tank or the flap may not be closing off the drain in the water tank. When this happens, the tank can’t fill up and the water will turn off and on all day.

You can easily check for a leaking toilet tank by looking for cracks on the surface of the tank and by checking for water on the floor. However, if that isn’t the problem, then you may need a plumber to make general plumbing repairs to replace gaskets, bolts, or nuts inside of the tank so that it fills and works properly again.

There are many general plumbing repairs which plumbers can perform in order to plug leaks, clear drains, and keep your water-using appliances from leaking. If you notice water on the floor of your house, contact Bode’s Electric and Plumbing Inc. to fix the leaks and help you save money. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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