Tips For Bradenton, FL Homeowners Calling In A Slab Leak Detection Service

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Plumbing

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As a homeowner in the Bradenton, FL area, recognizing the signs of a slab leak, or the potential early signs of a pipe problem under the slab, can save both time and money. As most homes in this area do not have basements and floors have subflooring under the visible flooring, it is not always the presence of water or moisture that is the key indicator of a potential problem.

Knowing the potential issues that are signals or signs of water can help in calling in a slab leak detection service when the leak is small or first occurs. The longer the water continues to leak under the slab, the greater the risk of foundation problems and damage to the home.

Signs to Know

When you see one or more of the following issues, call in a slab leak detection service in Bradenton, FL that uses technology to ping sound waves off the pipes in the slab to pinpoint the leak. This limits the amount of damage to the slab during the repair, and also makes the repair faster and less costly.

The most noticeable signs of a water leak in the slab include:

  • A constant moldy or musty smell or visible mold on the floor that may be localized in one area or throughout the home.
  • Water visible around the foundation, farther away from the home or actually in the home itself.
  • Low water pressure in the home is common with a significant leak.
  • Damp carpet or hardwood flooring and a wet feel to anything made of an absorbent material that is left on the floor.
  • If the leak is in a hot water line the hot water tank may run continuously, and you may notice hot areas of the floor where the water is leaking and heating up the slab.

Of course, an increase in your Bradenton, FL water bill without any increase in water usage in the home is another sign you need to contact a professional slab leak detection service. These companies can quickly identify the area of the leak, allowing a plumbing service to make the necessary repairs.

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