Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid Frequent Use of Drain Cleaners

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Everyone dreads waking up to or coming home to clogged drains. A slow drain or no drainage at all results in water back-up, can damage pipes, and even cause flooding. Also, you don’t want to deal with the bad smell that comes from clogged drains. The odds are you might be tempted to try a DIY fix to unclog your drains. The first thing that most people do is get to the shop to buy a drain cleaning chemical. They do the same the next time their drains clog. Unfortunately, frequent use of drain draining chemicals damages your plumbing system. Here are a few reasons why you should hire drain cleaning companies rather than using chemicals.

Drain Chemicals Might Not Work

What you don’t know is that drain chemicals might not even solve the problem. Drain clogs can sometimes be due to a problem in the sewer line or broken pipes. Therefore, pouring chemicals into your drains will not solve the problem. That is why you need a plumber in Covina to inspect your plumbing system and fix it.

They Can Damages Your Pipes

The primary disadvantage of using drain chemicals for a long time is that they are caustic. They function by dissolving blockages in the pipes through a chemical reaction. As such, they burn away the clog and your pipes by extension. They also melt through the plastic in plumbing PVC. Ultimately, you expose your plumbing system to problems due to corrosion.

Drain Chemicals are Toxic

Some chemicals used to manufacture drain clears are toxic. The fumes produced by these chemicals are not healthy for you to breathe in and can cause irritation in the throat, nose, and eyes. Unfortunately, the chemicals remain in the air long after the drain cleaner has gone down your drains. As such, it’s only best to call a plumber in Covina for this task.

These are some of the possible risks of using drain cleaners for a long time. Instead, call your plumber to unclog your home’s drains. Don’t postpone drain cleaning to avert plumbing disasters.