The Benefits of a Gas Hot Water Heater Installation

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The type of water heater a homeowner chooses affects not only their monthly energy bill but the home’s resale value, environmental impact, and family safety. Owners should consider these factors as they decide on a Gas Hot Water Heater Installation for the home.


LP gas is typically cheaper than electricity or oil. When an owner considers the cost of water heater installation and maintenance, as well as the equipment’s lifespan, a gas unit is usually the homeowner’s cheapest option. These units are, on average, about 30% less expensive than comparably sized electric units and 25% cheaper than oil-fired water heaters. Gas heaters are less expensive to maintain than most other water heater types.


Using oil to heat water results in higher carbon dioxide production than a comparable gas-fired unit emits. If an oil tank develops a leak, it will contaminate any surrounding soil or water. LP gas is one of the cleanest available fuel sources and, if a leak happens, it won’t contaminate water or soil.


LP gas is a portable fuel that can be transferred and stored without deterioration. It can be used to provide heat to a variety of appliances, unlike oil, which can only be used in central heating units and water heaters. A gas-fired water heater can heat water almost twice as fast as an electric unit, and it can last up to ten years longer as well.


An LP gas tank is up to 20 times more puncture-resistant than a conventional fuel tank. By law, LP gas must be delivered by trained personnel, which makes it safer to use than most other fuel sources available today.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

LP gas has a lower carbon footprint and is more efficient than other fuel sources, which means that it can play a crucial role in combating climate change. Most other fuels, such as oil, gasoline, and coal or wood, produce carbon output that contributes to the greenhouse gas problem.

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