Signs That Indicate You Need to Get Your Sewer Line Repaired

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Plumbing

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Many plumbing issues are caused by sewer line issues. You can prevent many plumbing issues by getting sewer line repair in Indianapolis, IN. There are several signs that indicate you will need to get your sewer line repaired.

Low Water Levels

If the water level in your toilet is fluctuating, then there may be sewer line damage. You may not know what is causing the water levels to fluctuate. It is usually caused by a clog, but there may be another plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. You will need to call a plumber to inspect the problem.

Animals Are Attracted to the Yard

If you have a lot of insects and rodents in your yard, then there may be a sewage pipe break. Leaks have a tendency to attract the wrong types of visitors.

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage may indicate that you have a clog in your drain. If there is only one slow drain, then you may only have a clog in the area. However, if you have multiple slow drains, then the clog is likely in the sewer.

Your Backyard Is Starting to Smell

Your sewer can cause your backyard to smell like sewage. You may also have a foul smell coming from your home or basement. Your sewer system likely has a clog.


It only takes a small amount of water for mold to grow. That is why if you have a leak, then mold will likely grow. Air conditioning problems and rain damage can cause mold to grow. If neither one of those issues is causing the mold to grow, then you probably have a sewer issue.

You Have a Sunken Place in Your Yard

Sewer issues can cause your yard to shift. That is why there may be a sunken place in your yard. Sewer line repair in Indianapolis, IN, can correct this issue.

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