Really Hot Weather! That’s Why Residents Want a Central Air Conditioner in Tucson AZ

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Plumbing

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Someone who loves hot weather and plans to move to southern Arizona may consider buying a house that doesn’t have central air conditioning. If this individual has spent all his or her life in a northern region in which hot summer days are infrequent, it may not be clear just how excessively warm the Tucson area can get and how often this occurs. Most people consider a central Air Conditioner in Tucson AZ to be an essential appliance in the 21st Century, so they don’t have to endure blazing heat in their own home instead of climate-controlled comfort.

Consider that in early autumn much of the country is basking in moderate temperatures that many people find delightful. The nights are cool and the days have temperatures lingering in the high 60s to low 80s. In contrast, Tucson residents commonly are still dealing with daytime temperatures in the low to high 90s. Someone planning to move there may proclaim that this is dry heat, not that humid, sweaty hot weather that residents of the Midwest and Northeast endure in July and August. Nevertheless, temperatures approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit are hot by nearly anyone’s judgment.

Temperatures do tend to cool down significantly at night in the desert. Residents enjoy more moderate temperatures in the high 50s to high 60s in autumn. With an exhaust fan, they can blow the hot air out of their homes and bring in the cool nighttime air. This obviously doesn’t help during the daytime, however. It mainly works for people who are gone all day and return to the house late in the evening. The rest of the population prefers to have a central air conditioner in Tucson AZ so they don’t always feel like they want to escape their own homes and go to a shopping mall or a movie theater.

In July, daytime temperatures typically are over 100 degrees, and nighttime temperatures sometimes don’t get below 80. An exhaust fan is some help, but the home is still uncomfortably warm. A contractor such as Arico Plumbing, Heating and Cooling brings relief in the form of a central air system. Browse our website for more information.

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