Plumbing Repair In Escondido CA Should Only Be Performed By An Experienced Plumber

by | May 11, 2020 | Plumbing

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If you have a leaking pipe, clogged drain, or need help updating a kitchen or bathroom, a plumbing company should be contacted. Although plumbing projects might look easy to do, mistakes can be easily made by an individual who is not properly trained. Installation of a toilet could result in leaks, foul smells, and other problems when it’s not installed by an experienced plumber.

Leaks in the plumbing system that require plumbing repair in Escondido CA can lead to mold growth and water damage in a structure. By hiring a plumbing company, a homeowner can feel confident they’re plumbing project will be completed right the first time.


Clogs in a drain can require more than store-bought clog removers. When a sink, tub, shower, toilet, and other drains aren’t properly working, a plumbing company can use a camera to determine the cause of the clog. If a camera isn’t needed to search for the clog, they can use other tools to swiftly remove the clog.

Water Heaters

With the use a water heater receives on a regular basis, it can require plumbing repair in Escondido CA. A sign there’s a problem with water is when it is not producing the same amount of hot water as before. This could be a sign of a heating element malfunctioning.

Other signs that can happen are when the tank is making a gurgling or bubbling noise. Water leaks at the bottom of a water heater mean the entire tank will need to be replaced. If the water smells foul coming from the water heater, it might need to have the anode rod replaced.

Kitchen Or Bath Faucets

Updating a kitchen or bath can be as simple as changing the fixtures. The installation of a new faucet requires the use of special tools to reach the connections under the counter. An experienced plumber will be able to install a new faucet in no time at all.

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