Licensed Plumber in Westchester NY

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Plumbing

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A residential plumber should be licensed to provide high-quality services, and most of them are fully licensed. Companies sometimes will hire a combination of licensed plumbers and technicians. That is fine if technicians are properly trained and experienced. Many heating and cooling system inspections, maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations are completed by factory trained technicians who do a great job. Most companies that complete plumbing work also provide heating and cooling services, hence the combination of employees. Homeowners just need to be sure that the person arriving to handle any plumbing issues is a licensed plumber.

Inspections, maintenance, and minor repairs are often completed by trained plumbers, who may or may not be licensed. That is not an issue, as long as the company discloses that information, and does not charge the labor rate of a licensed plumber. Some companies avoid the issue altogether by only hiring licensed plumbers. Experienced companies, like Cassidy Plumbing Inc., for example, not only hire experienced and licensed plumbers, they also provide continuous in-depth training. That provides customers with plumbers who have the benefit of hands-on experience, along with knowledge regarding the latest technology, techniques, and plumbing solutions for any problem. That is helpful for renovations, new construction, and installation of advanced appliances and water filtration systems. The combination of a licensed Plumber in Westchester NY, and one trained in the newest practices saves time and money for the customer, as well as the company.

Comprehensive services include inspection and repair of gas, water, and other types of piping, toilet and leak repairs, equipment installations, installations of new appliances in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, and drain cleaning. Repair and installation of new fixtures, water, and sewer mains, as well as installations and repairs of new pumps and tanks for wells, are also available. Interested homeowners can Visit The Website for details on all available services, to find specific areas served, schedule an appointment for services, get free estimates on major repairs and new installations, and discover specials and monthly coupons. Insist on experience, licensed credentials, and continuous training when considering which plumbing company to hire for the needs of the home.

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