Installing and Maintaining a Sump Pump to Keep Your Home’s Basement Dry

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Plumbing

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The basement of your home can become a cesspool for fungi and bacteria. If you allow water to linger in this part of your home, it can create a mess that is expensive and time-consuming to clean up. When you want to invest in stormwater management in the Washington D.C. area, you may want to hire plumbing professionals to come to your home to install and maintain a sump pump. This sump pump can be used to pump out water from the basement and keep the bottom level of your home dry during heavy precipitation.

Installing a Sump Pump

If your home did not come equipped with a sump pump, you may want to have one installed immediately after buying it. This investment can be especially important if your home has a history of flooding in the basement during periods of heavy rain.

When you hire a service that specializes in stormwater management in Washington D.C., you can have this pump system set up and tested well before you actually need to use it. The contractors can make sure it has the suction power to remove all of the water that comes into the basement through the walls and window wells during heavy rains.


Sump pumps that are used infrequently or not often enough risk the possibility of not working if or when you need them. Rather than face a flooded basement with a sump pump that does not work properly, you may want to have yours maintained on a regular basis. The contractors you can hire can test your pump every six months to a year to ensure its function. If it needs to be serviced or replaced, they can handle these tasks for you.

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