Indications to acquire a sewer replacement in Edison, NJ

by | May 17, 2016 | Plumbing

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Despite being buried, sewer lines are still prone to damage. Because this is an essential ingredient of home sanitation, the sewer line needs to be fully functional to direct the waste away. These are a few indications that the sewer line has undergone damage and will have to be replaced.

Sewer gases can escape from breaches in the line. These gases may settle in areas such as the basement. They may also escape through the drains. The smell may come and go depending on the home’s airflow. However, covering up the smell will fragrances not make it disappear. If these gases are detected, a sewer replacement in Edison NJ is needed.

Visible water in the yard can also indicate a problem with the sewer lines. Persistent moisture issues in a single spot not attributable to sprinklers is a sign of underground leakage. Because sewer lines are underground, the waste can be dumped directly into the yard. Anything that goes through that patch of waste can potentially become contaminated. If there is any suspicion of a potential sewer leakage, the area should be blocked off until the lines can be investigated. Pets will have to be kept out of the area.

Mold or the growth of organisms on the concrete floor near piping can also indicate an issue with leakage. Homes with basements usually have the sewer pipe running through this space. Because the waste also contains water and different nutrients, a waste spill can lead to a massive growth of mold or other organisms. Given the right conditions, the mold will expand rapidly. Once the a mold is discovered, it should be professionally removed. All of the drains will have to be blocked off to prevent adding more waste to the problem. It will also likely need to be professionally cleaned before the Sewer Replacement in Edison NJ is accomplished.

Sewer systems are susceptible to age, tree roots and improper digging. These are just a few indications that a replacement is needed. Since this is a major issue, these signs should not be ignored. Click here for more information or if you need to have a replacement sewer line installed.

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