How And Why Professionals In Plumbing In Olivebranch, MS Use Video Drain Inspections

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Plumbing

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A backed-up drain is a fairly common plumbing problem. If the kitchen sink won’t drain or the toilet won’t flush, chances are there is a blockage near the drain that can be released with a plunger or a plumber’s snake, or in a worst-case scenario, by taking the pipe apart. But sometimes the blockage is outside your house in a pipe that runs from the main line. You’ll notice water coming up out of drains, often in more than one place, and you’ll hear water percolating in the toilet when you run water anywhere in the house. Because an outside pipe is hard to reach, experts in Plumbing Olivebranch MS use video drain inspection.

Plumbers use typically use a service truck with a video monitoring system inside and a reel of Kevlar-coated video cable attached to the back. The rigid cable is connected to a camera, which is lowered into the pipe to be inspected, either through a manhole or through an access pipe. The plumber controls the movement of the camera with a winch and uses the monitoring system to analyze the data the camera returns.

Video drain inspections are very useful for identifying leaks, blockages, and other damage, pinpointing the location so that plumbers can correct the problem with a minimum of disruption to the environment. One of the most common problems that drain inspections turn up is root growth. The large tap roots of trees can send out tiny shoots that seek moisture. If they find a crack in a water pipe, they can enter and then grow into a large ball that completely blocks the flow of water in a pipe. Other common issues include a buildup of hardened grease, cracks in the pipe, broken tiles, and offset joints.

Video drain inspections can cost several hundred dollars, but they save both time and money in the long run because they can help you avoid digging up the whole yard to find a blockage in an underground pipe. For more information about video drain inspections and other issues related to Plumbing Olivebranch MS, check out Drain Go Plumbing and visit the website.

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