How a Water Softener in Orangeville ON can Benefit Your Home

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Plumbing

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Hard water is water with a high concentration of dissolved minerals, principally calcium and magnesium. Although these minerals are essential for human health, too much of them in your water could lead to problems. Read on to learn what some of these problems are and how a water softener in Orangeville ON can benefit your home.

Appliance Issues

Your dishwasher’s performance will suffer from hard water running through it. Expect to see spots and streaks on your dishes and utensils. Your washing machine’s performance will also prove lacking thanks to hard water, and your clothes will begin to fade or stain.

Clogged Plumbing

Hard water will eventually leave mineral deposits in your pipes. As these deposits build up over time, they eventually cause clogs by trapping other debris. Once the mineral build-up has begun, it becomes particularly tricky to remove from your pipes without damaging them.

Skin and Hair Problems

With hard water, you get extra doses of calcium and magnesium. Although not dangerous, these extra helpings of minerals will get deposited on your skin and in your hair and potentially cause irritating problems, such as extreme dryness and brittleness. Itchy skin and scalp are other common problems with hard water.

Tub and Sink Cleaning Woes

Cleaning out your tub and your sinks is tough enough; however, if you have hard water, that job will be even tougher. The hard water will leave deposits that are difficult to scrub out. If you let them build up, they may take more than hand scrubbing to get out.

Water Softener in Orangeville ON

Water softeners use ion-exchange to eliminate calcium and magnesium from your water and replaces them with sodium ions. The result is water that’s smoother, softer, and leaves no trace behind.

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