Finding Quality Sewer Repair in Lansing, MI

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Plumbing

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When folks realize they are in need of Sewer Repair in Lansing MI, they quickly learn that water will not wait. They need help to arrive as quickly as possible, preferably getting an estimated time of arrival in minutes and not hours. They also want someone who is experienced enough to be able to open the drains that others can’t.

Homeowners may be short on time when they need emergency sewer repairs, but it is crucial that they can get confirmation from the contractors that they are licensed and insured. This protects the homeowner from any damage that may be done on their property, and it gives them protection in the event there is damage to abutting properties. They may also want to ask if there is an option for video inspection. This method could save them quite a bit of money, as there will not have to be any digging done and guessing where the problem may be. A video inspection, which is done in full color, can determine the precise spot where the problem is and also determine exactly what services will be needed to fix it.

Homeowners can be proactive before they need Sewer Repair in Lansing MI. All they have to do is Visit the Website to see which preventative measures can be taken. Services such as septic and sewer line cleaning can help. High-pressure water jets can also be utilized, and this method can clean and open drains that are clogged as well as pipelines and sewer lines. Water jetting can remove dirt and sediment from pipes, and they can be used with any sewer that is two inches or greater in diameter. As is the case with video inspections, water jetting can eliminate the need for excavating. It causes less damage to yards and landscaping.

With water jetting, there are nozzles of different sizes that can be used depending upon the job. Each nozzle is designed to clean out aggregate, roots, dirt, ice, debris, grease, and even concrete. During the harsh Michigan winters, this method has been known to thaw out pipelines which have frozen without the costly need for excavation.

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