Emergency and Preventative Plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Plumbing

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Serious plumbing issues warrant a speedy search for professional plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, some of the best services that a plumber can offer are preventative, like insulating pipes for the winter, repairing a water heater before it breaks, or finding the cause of abnormally high water bills.

All of your pipes and faucets are vulnerable in the winter cold, and a burst pipe will cause you all sorts of problems, especially since a burst pipe is more expensive to fix than to maintain and support. Typically, the most vulnerable areas in the winter are fairly exposed, like your garage or crawlspace. While commercial foam jackets, heat tape, and pipe wrap are available to you if you want to personally insulate your home, a professional will have no problem catching every little detail and quickly applying all preventative materials correctly.

Bursting pipes aren’t the only winter threat. Any air leak lets brutally cold winter winds close to your pipes, which can cause them to freeze and cut off your water supply or keep water and waste from getting to sewage. There are many potential hiding spots near electrical wiring, dryer vents, and pipes for air leaks, so call in professional plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia to ensure that your home is fully sealed and protected. It’s very risky to do this yourself, since maintaining ventilation near appliances like your water heater or furnace is crucial for their safety. Very skilled and nuanced work is necessary to keep both areas ventilated and seal off any other nearby leaks.

Similarly, as it’s not worth waiting for your pipes to freeze or burst before getting them looked at, it’s not worth the time and money to wait for your water heater to fail. You can significantly enhance your heater’s life span with a little maintenance, some of which you can do yourself, although excellent plumbing in Atlanta, Georgia can do a much more thorough job. Visit us for more information.

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