Eliminate Leaks or Sewage Blockages Using Superior Plumbing in Bel Air MD

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Plumbing

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A leaking pipe can cause problems no matter where the failure occurs, but some water leaks can be more aggravating than others. Consider the case of a hidden leak. This problem can occur anywhere the pipes are hidden by walls, floors or just poor installation. Plumbing in Bel Air MD can help by searching the walls and floors for signs of water damage or using special, acoustic tools to listen inside the walls. These tools work because water tends to be under pressure and any leaks should cause the pressurized water to leave the pipe with enough force that it makes noise when it hits something. The benefit of searching for these leaks is eliminating an expensive failure and reducing the amount of demolition required to access the broken pipes.

Of course, a leaking pipe is not the only reason to consider Plumbing in Bel Air MD. In fact, this is only one aspect of household plumbing. The other is the sewage or septic lines that carry waste water away from the home. Sewer lines can have a number of problems from a simple blockage to major breaks that allow roots to grow inside the drains. Sometimes, these problems can be a small thing that simply requires a little effort to repair. Other times, the damage could be so severe that the plumber may recommend replacing the pipe completely.

Another sewage problem is a blocked sewer line. Blockages occur when something solid snags on another obstacle. This is often just another waste matter, but it could be something else. Roots are a common cause of sewer line blockages because the roots are very tiny when they first enter the pipes in search of water. As they grow they gain strength and eventually have enough mass that they can easily cause a blockage. The plumber may suggest hydro-washing the pipes to eliminate any clogs and to make the interior of the pipe easier to see. The latter is required when inspecting the pipe for damage. If that damage is minor, then it might be possible to repair the pipe by inserting a sleeve. To learn more, contact the experts at Business Name.

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