Drain Clogs: 3 of the Most Important Reasons to Call a Plumber

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Plumbing

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Clogs are some of the most common problems plumbers see. They range from minor to severe, but even a small clog is a big inconvenience for a busy homeowner. Most clogs are preventable, and the first step in prevention is to know what’s causing the problem. Below, you’ll learn the biggest reasons to call a drain cleaner in Seattle, WA.

Bathroom Drains

The bathroom is the busiest room in the house, and drain clogs are a frequent occurrence. Where bathroom drain blockages are concerned, cleanliness is the best way to prevent them. Waiting too long to clean the drain will cause severe buildup and increase the need for plumbing repairs. By keeping the drains clean, you’ll enjoy hassle-free showers and a more sanitary bathroom.


Most toilet clogs happen because people flush things that shouldn’t go down the drain. Items such as baby wipes, cotton swabs, and feminine hygiene products don’t break down in water, which means they’re better suited for the trash than the toilet. Though a plunger works on most clogs, severe backups require the use of specialized tools.

Kitchen Drains

When we’re cooking and cleaning, all sorts of things make their way down the drain. Most people fail to realize that even a small amount of food or grease can cause serious damage to a home’s plumbing system. Oil and grease are particularly problematic, as they harden inside the pipes and cause severe backups. The best way to avoid the need for a drain cleaner in Seattle, WA, is to never pour oil or grease down the pipes. Using a drain catcher will also help.

Household drains are something we rarely think about until there’s a problem. If a clogged drain is causing issues in your home and DIY methods haven’t helped, then it may be the right time to consult a professional.

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