Common Problems Associated with Plumbing in Alpharetta Georgia

by | May 18, 2020 | Plumbing, Plumbing Services

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The plumbing system in any building is extremely complicated and very difficult to understand. If you take a look at the blueprints, you will just see hundreds of pipes, big and small, running through the gaps between the walls and under the floor. Only a certified plumber will be able to understand where the pipes need to be connected and how the connections are to be made. Common plumbing issues in houses relate to the flow of water and sanitation. Here are just some of the many different issues you might encounter from time to time.

Drainage Blocks

Your drainpipes are designed to carry wastewater and semi-solids to the municipal sewage lines outside your house, however, many people don’t think twice before throwing solid waste down their drainpipes. It can get stuck somewhere along the way, thus leading to a blockage. Pressure will then build up in the pipes until they burst. It’s one of the most common issues associated with household plumbing in Alpharetta Georgia. Call to find out more about how to fix this problem.

Water Leakage in the Pipes

There’s likely to be leakage in the pipes due to the wear and tear. Usually, the leakages occur around joints and valves or, in some cases, if holes appear in the pipes as a result of excessive rust. It’s a major issue with plumbing systems and is quite difficult to repair, as the plumber will first have to locate the source of the leakage. If the leakage is not repaired quickly, it could cause serious damage to the walls if water continues to drip regularly. There are many other issues as well, such as leaking faucets and valves in the bathroom. Contact Rooterplus for more information.

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