Call Local Plumbers in Papillion, NE at the First Sign of a Leak

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Plumbers

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A pipe leak usually happens when the homeowner least expects it, and it can cause serious damage if it’s left unrepaired. While the cost of repairs and the potential for damage is a troubling thought, the risk of health problems is even worse. Here, homeowners can learn about the health hazards associated with a pipe leak that’s gone undetected or unrepaired.

Health Symptoms and Effects

When mold and fungi grow in a home, they can cause severe issues if left untended. These can include:

*   Skin, nose, and throat irritation

*   Itchy, red eyes

*   Frequent sneezing or coughing

*   Upper respiratory infection

*   Rashes

*   Fatigue

*   Trouble breathing

These problems can be compounded when a person has a respiratory condition such as asthma. Therefore, it’s important to call local plumbers in Papillion, NE at the first sign of a leak. With prompt, professional repairs, homeowners can stop leaks and keep their families healthy.

How Problems Develop

In many instances, fungi- and mold-related health issues are caused by inhaling mold and mildew spores. The area around a leaking pipe can be a breeding ground for mold spores, and inadequate ventilation can allow them to grow and flourish. However, when a homeowner decides to visit the website, they can get help for a leak of any size.

What Homeowners Can Do

The first step in resolving mold issues is to determine its source. Moisture can arise from a number of sources, such as a leaking pipe, a failing water heater, or a problematic sink. Not all leaks are noticeable, but even a minor leak can cause mold growth that can go undetected until family members start showing health symptoms. When a homeowner first suspects a leak, they should call local plumbers in Papillion, NE for immediate repair.

If a customer finds a mold source somewhere in the home, such as in the bathroom or under a sink, the first thing they should do is to call a plumber and a team of mold removal specialists. When family members are getting sick for no reason, a plumber can find and fix the source of a leak to restore their good health.

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