Broken Pipes: What to Do Before the Plumber Arrives

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Plumbing

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There is never a good time for a plumbing problem to arise. Not only are they very inconvenient, plumbing issues can be quite costly as well. It is not always possible to get a licensed plumber to fix your problem immediately. Here are some important things to do before the plumber arrives for your broken pipes repair in Forest Park.

If you believe you have a broken pipe, the first thing you should do is turn the water off. If you know where the pipe is located, such as under a sink, you may be able to turn off the water valve to the broken pipe alone. Other times, turning off your main water valve may be a smart decision while you assess the situation.

Clean up any standing water immediately. Extended exposure to moisture can damage property quickly. Wet-dry vacuums and sump pumps (in basements) can be of great assistance in removing standing water. Set up fans and open doors to completely dry things out. Mold growth is common after a pipe breaks and things get wet. You will want to ensure that all surfaces and belongings exposed to water dry thoroughly.

There are some temporary fixes that can buy time until a licensed plumber can arrive. You can try some simple duct tape around the break. This fix may not provide enough pressure but is worth a shot for ease of execution. Another temporary fix is using a piece of rubber over the break, held snug with a piece of wood and a c-clamp. This is not a pretty fix, but will likely hold until qualified help arrives. Another simple short-term fix is using a sleeve clamp to encase the break.

Having a little knowledge and the right emergency plumbing supplies can save you time until you find the right person to perform broken pipes repair in Forest Park.

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