Avoid Clogs and Other Plumbing Concerns With a Superior Plumber Olivebranch MS

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Plumbing

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A home can use plumbing to carry natural gas to appliances such as water heaters, ovens or clothes dryers. In fact, this type of plumbing has specific supplies and restrictions that must be followed, so the fuel doesn’t leak or otherwise result in a dangerous situation. This means that a Plumber Olivebranch MS should check the home on a regular basis to ensure that a gas leak doesn’t happen. An annual inspection can locate a variety of concerns in all types of plumbing.

One of the most common reasons to call for a Plumber In Olivebranch MS is a clogged drain. There are different ways to notice this particular problem based on where the clog is at. For instance, a clog in the main sewer line may be noticeable when the water in a tub drains slowly, or the toilet fails to flush. This type of repair usually requires a professional with skills in cleaning long pipes. The first concern is locating the clog, and this is often done with the help of a video snake. Removal of the clog requires a similar tool, known commonly as a pipe snake. Both of these tools work with long, flexible cables so they can reach deep inside of the pipe.

On the other hand, a clog in a sink or other basin is often the result of a blockage in the P-traps. The purpose of these odd shaped pipes is to keep sewer gases from entering the building. This task is handled by holding a bit of water in one or more crooks in the pipe. Unfortunately, this also allows food or debris to block the flow of sewage. The solution is to contact an expert such as those working at Drain Go Plumbing to remove the traps and clean them out. The whole process should be complete in less than half an hour, per trap, unless something has broken.

In some cases, the clog is simply a blockage in the toilet. This is a common problem in homes with children, after all, kids like to explore and play. Activities such as this are how they learn, but the problems that result can often be very aggravating. Removing wash cloths or other items from a clogged toilet is a difficult task. Contact the experts at website for more information.

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