A Residential Plumbing Contractor In Cincinnati OH Can Keep The Water And Drains Flowing

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Unless you’re thinking about remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, most homeowners don’t give much thought to their plumbing. Plumbers can perform so much more than unclogging a drain. A Residential Plumbing Contractor in Cincinnati OH can perform:

    Kitchen and bath remodeling.

Inspect sewer lines with a video camera.

Locate pipes on the wall or the ground without causing damage to the area.

Reline pipes without digging a trench.

Perform high-pressure jet cleaning of a clog.

Restoration services including water, sewer, fire and smoke cleanup that includes mold removal.

When a pipe is broken under the ground, the traditional method was to excavate the entire area of the pipe and replace it. Today’s technology allows a Residential Plumbing Contractor in Cincinnati OH through a trenchless relining process. This is an ideal technique to use when there’s sidewalks, driveways, trees, shrubs and laws in the way. Using the trenchless system only requires a small hole to be dug at each end of the pipe. A special drilling head will be used to travel through the existing pipe while pulling the new one through. This can repair a pipe without any damage to the surface above.

Restoration after a fire, flood, and smoke or mold damage to a home is very important. Water damage can quickly lead to mold within 48 to 72 hours. A company that’s experienced with restoration is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week when that unexpected damage occurs. They will immediately stop the source of the water and begin drying out the area. They will remove any carpeting and fabric items that have soaked up water. Large fans and dehumidifiers will be brought into a home to dry the area as rapidly as possible. The technician will check the drywall for any signs of mold in between the walls. When the job is complete, a home will look and feel like new.

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