6 Big Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair in Troy OH

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Plumbing

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When sewer pipe damage occurs, repairs often come at the expense of a homeowner’s lush, green lawn. Conventional sewer replacement and repair methods involve digging huge holes that render landscaping, walkways, and patios unusable. However, with Trenchless Pipe Repair in Troy OH, the lawn will stay intact. Below, homeowners will learn some of the benefits of trenchless pipe repair.

Less Damage to the Yard

One of the biggest advantages of trenchless sewer repair over regular methods is the decrease in lawn damage. Trenchless repairs use modern machines to dig small holes at the beginning and end of the pipe to be repaired.

Less Time Spent

When there’s no large hole to be dug, less time is spent on sewer line repairs. Trenchless repairs require the digging of just two small holes. After that, machines and sensors are used to find solid items such as pipes, foundations, and tree roots. In comparison with conventional methods, Trenchless Pipe Repair in Troy OH can be done in a few hours or days.


Because there’s no need to dig a large trench, landscaping, decorative stones, and walkways won’t be damaged. Therefore, the cost of sewer line repairs is much less. Trenchless repairs require less labor, which drives down the cost. Homeowners get the same level of service with less time and money spent.

Better Quality of Work

When compared to conventional repairs, trenchless repairs are of higher quality. Seamless piping and cure-in-place pipe liners offer better quality than other options. Because of this, the pipes won’t suffer from corrosion or rust that causes further problems.

No More Interruptions

If a homeowner has previously hired a repair service, they probably know how irritating the noise and activity can be. However, with trenchless repairs, there are no problems, as the work is done without damage to the property (or anyone’s ears).

Cleaner Water

Because new liners are installed when sewer lines are repaired the trenchless way, the family’s drinking water will be cleaner and healthier than it previously was. There won’t be any mold, dirt, or bacteria, and that’s a guarantee from the pros.

As shown here, there are numerous advantages of trenchless pipe repairs. If there’s a damaged sewer pipe, trenchless is the way to go. Call today to schedule service. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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