5 Ways to Get Ready for a Plumber

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Plumbing

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Drain problems, clogged sinks, and water heaters that don’t work—these are just some of the situations that a plumbing expert can fix for you. If you want to save time, make sure you’re ready when the plumber finally comes knocking at your door. Here are top tips to help you with that.

Give Them a Rundown

Tell them as many details as you can. What DIY plumbing tricks did you try? When did the problem start? Has this problem happened in the past? The more details you provide the plumber, the easier it is for them to identify and fix the problem.

Find the Main Plumbing Fixtures

Where is your main water valve? How about your water heater? Locate them before the plumbing services you hired in Sherwood Park, AB, arrive at your doorstep. That way, the plumber won’t have to walk around your home, trying to locate the valve or heater. That saves time.

Clean Up That Space

Clear up any of the clutter in the area before the plumber comes. It’s annoying to have to navigate through the clutter. That also takes time. It might also slow down the plumber as they might need to be extra careful not to bump into your things.

Provide Them with Space

Aside from the clutter, it’s a good idea to remove any furniture or things in the area where they’ll work. Give them space, so they can move around with ease, put down their tools, and start assessing and fixing the damage.

Talk About Other Issues

Are there any other plumbing issues? Take advantage of that visit and ask the plumber to take care of those minor issues or problems, too. No, these aren’t free but you get to save on a little since you won’t need to hire someone else. You can let the same plumber see to those problems Kingstree Plumbing.

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