3 Ways to Clear a Clogged Toilet Without Excessive Mess & Unsafe Chemicals

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If plumbing your clogged toilet is something you want to leave to the professionals, then it’s important to call the right business for toilet plumbing in Northbrook, IL. These plumbers have several ways to clear the clog without creating a very nasty, unsanitary mess. The three best methods are as follows and are used by pros providing toilet plumbing in Northbrook, IL.


Augering grinds the clog into smaller particles in just a few minutes. When the clog is just little bits, the toilet will flush the bits through the trap and into the sewer line. Power augering is best because it requires no human labor or messy auger retrieval processes. It relies on the power of the motor of the auger to do the job of one brute force human.

Air Plunger

Air plunging is different from standard plunging. With standard plunging you get a lot of filthy toilet water backsplash. With air plunging, one extreme blast of pressurized air is usually enough to shove the clog past the trap with no backsplash. Really tough toilet clogs may need a second, but rarely a third, air plunge.

Super-Safe Biophage Clog Remover

A biophage is an organism or chemical that thrives on eating and dissolving organic matter. Most human waste is organic in nature. These treatments are sprinkled into the toilet bowl after most of the water has been drained away from the tank and bowl. The biophage eats through organic waste until there is very little left.